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Progress Report: Alice Bliss Reaches 30 States and 5 Continents

Here’s the latest news on Alice’s progress around the world.

We have shipped 80 books, we have 20 more books to give away.  An amazing response so far.

We have now reached 30 states and 5 continents, including Canada (Calgary, Winnepeg, Ottawa), Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Germany (Munich, Ulm), France (Paris, Bordeaux), Malaysia, Japan, China, Australia (Perth, Melbourne, Queensland).

Analyzing our information on participants so far:

52 are older than 31

29 are 21 – 30

2 are 15 – 20

How people heard about our campaign (some people heard about it from multiple sources meaning we’ve managed to reach them on FB, Twitter and a blog):

From a friend: 2

Invited: 23

Read about it on a blog:  39

Heard about it on Twitter: 13

Heard about it on Facebook: 7

Heard about it @ 3

From a publisher: 2 1

A teacher told them about it: 2

Heard about it at a bookstore: 1

Don’t know/ accident: 2




Where would you release Alice Bliss in Paris?

Alice Bliss landed in Paris this morning with an architect/ photographer, who is planning a “wild” release.  So many possibilities.  A park bench @ the Palais Royale, the Musee Picasso, the Place Des Vosges, outside Shakespeare & Co?

Where would you release Alice Bliss in Paris?

Where’s Alice Bliss? Travel Update

Today Alice Bliss is on her way to Small Point, ME where the book begins and ends.
Tomorrow, Alice is headed to Paris for lots of sight seeing and a photo shoot.
Another Alice Bliss is enjoying New York City sights and sounds.
And this weekend, Alice Bliss is headed to Virginia.
We’ll be posting the photos soon. Check back in.
In the meantime, what are your plans for Alice Bliss? Travels? Adventures? Wild release or controlled release?

The possibilities are endless at …
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New Release Story!

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Want to hear another great Alice Bliss Bookcrossing release story? Check out Riding the Rollercoaster.

Do you have an Alice Bliss Bookcrossing release story that you want to share with the world? Send it to us at wheresalicebliss {AT} gmail {DOT} com or mention us in a tweet @WheresAB.

Keeping Up With Alice

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Get inspired about ways to release your copy of Alice Bliss!

Aloha Alice!

Alice Bliss hits Hawaii! Head over to SOS Aloha to see a great post about Book Crossing and Alice Bliss and to see some pictures of Alice Bliss during her trip to Hawaii.

You can also see the pictures on our Where’s Alice Bliss? tumblr page.

Catch Up With Alice!

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Wondering where Alice is? You can find out by clicking here. tracks Alice as she travels around the world.

You can also catch up with Alice on our Tumblr page where we have pictures of Alice Bliss during her travels.

Head over to Sharon’s Garden of Book Reviews for a great post about Where’s Alice Bliss?
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Alice Hit 5 Continents!

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Where’s Alice Bliss? has hit five continents, washing up in Germany twice, Malaysia, and China. Along with the new additions of Europe and Asia, Alice Bliss has been sighted in North America, Australia, and Africa. We have already met and exceeded our first goal of four continents. Now, can we make it to all fifty American states? You can join us if you’re a book blogger by going to and registering to receive a free copy. Or if you’re not a book blogger, you can pick up a copy at your local bookstore, register on, and shoot us an email at wheresalicebliss (AT) gmail (DOT) com with your location. Join the fun!