Progress Report: Alice Bliss Reaches 30 States and 5 Continents

Here’s the latest news on Alice’s progress around the world.

We have shipped 80 books, we have 20 more books to give away.  An amazing response so far.

We have now reached 30 states and 5 continents, including Canada (Calgary, Winnepeg, Ottawa), Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Germany (Munich, Ulm), France (Paris, Bordeaux), Malaysia, Japan, China, Australia (Perth, Melbourne, Queensland).

Analyzing our information on participants so far:

52 are older than 31

29 are 21 – 30

2 are 15 – 20

How people heard about our campaign (some people heard about it from multiple sources meaning we’ve managed to reach them on FB, Twitter and a blog):

From a friend: 2

Invited: 23

Read about it on a blog:  39

Heard about it on Twitter: 13

Heard about it on Facebook: 7

Heard about it @ 3

From a publisher: 2 1

A teacher told them about it: 2

Heard about it at a bookstore: 1

Don’t know/ accident: 2




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