Appreciating Penfield, NY in “Alice Bliss”

Jeff Moran just used the brand new submission tab in the “Get Involved” section of the website to send in a beautiful descrption of Alice Bliss!

This book captured my heart in a way very few do – “the Kite Runner”, “The Buffalo Soldier”, “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” come to mind.  All very different but equally compelling “coming of age” stories.

“Alice Bliss” is a beautiful and rich story. As a native of Penfield, NY I of course enjoyed the many Penfield connections woven throughout, but what really captured my heart was the depth of each character. There were no heroes, no villains. Just real people struggling to make sense of their lives, and press on in the face of an enormous and perhaps pointless loss.

Ms. Harrington has a unique talent for conveying the essence of how her characters respond to all their senses.  Each description of a scene or situation is always through the senses of a character, and from this reader’s perspective, those descriptions are spot on.


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