A Review and Wild Release in Wichita Falls!

Released by Sharon Chance during the 30th Annual Hotter ‘N Hell Bike Race!

Sharon’s Review:
In Laura Harrington’s novel, “Alice Bliss,” the author tells the story of how war comes home to affect the families that are left behind to hope and pray for their loved one’s safe return. In a brilliantly presented narrative, Harrington gently but firmly conveys the story of the anguish that so many are going through.

Through the eyes of Alice, she shares how the family copes while Matt is away. The family tries to go on with their life while waiting for letters and phone calls from Matt whenever it’s possible.

“Alice Bliss” is an emotional coming-of-age tale that is heart wrenching, and yet also holds elements of warmth as Harrington conveys the importance of family closeness in times of hardship and crisis. She handles difficult emotions and situations with grace and this is reflected in her storytelling. Adults and teens alike will be touched by this novel.

Thank you so much for participating in the campaign, Sharon! 


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