“An Accomplished Novel” writes ‘The News From Gridleyville’

The “Alice Bliss” campaign is so excited to have such amazing bloggers and book reviewers taking on the challenge of sending Alice around the world! We’re particularly proud of a certain Sam Gridley, an accomplished author and the mind behind blog, “The News From Gridleyville”! Sam Gridley’s fiction and satire have appeared in more than thirty magazines and anthologies. He has received two fellowships from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, a Wallace Stegner Fellowship from Stanford University, and several honors from magazines. His novel THE SHAME OF WHAT WE ARE was published in 2010 by New Door Books. Below is a small snippet from his review!

Check out the “Alice Bliss” review in the “The News From Gridleyville”! Click the picture below to see more!

If you like seeing what other blogs have to say about “Alice Bliss” – click the “Check Us Out” tab and visit the “Read What People Are Saying” tab to visit a bunch of links of some really great blogs and articles! We also have a featured blog section to the right!

Sam’s wild release was at Mugshots in Philadelphia, PA! We hope someone in search of a latte will pick her up and take her home! We’ll keep you posted through Book Crossing!


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