Alice Needs YOUR Help! Find Out How!

More copies of “Alice Bliss” have officially been sent out around America, as well as one copy to France! We’re anxiously awaiting the traveling on Book Crossing to begin! You can follow along yourself by clicking here and scrolling around the already traveling copies!

We’d also like to announce something special we’re doing through everyone in the campaign. “Alice Bliss” deserves some screen time and we’d love YOUR help in creating a promotional video! If you or a friend have a copy of “Alice Bliss” – we’d love if you could come up with a quick 10 second clip that features Alice traveling! Ideally, it would be great if you could make the book “travel” from the left side to the right side! It can be as simple as the clip below!

It does not have to be stop motion like the one above! Keep it simpler and have you and your friend pass the book to each other! Try to keep the book out of frame entirely and then remove it entirely so that we can edit everyone’s clips together seamlessly! Any questions, shout them out! We’d love to help you!

Once you have created your masterpiece, send it to our email address: so we can incorporate it into the final project! Feeling creative? Make more than one! We’d love to see what you can do!

Otherwise – we’ll keep you posted on the travels of the new copies! We’re so excited to get started on a new wave of the Where’s Alice Bliss? campaign!


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