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Alice Bliss Travels Around Illinois!

Starting in Great Lakes, Illinois with Book Crosser McGuffysReader, “Alice Bliss” has now been passed on to another Book Crosser in the same state! Ajpdna posted the following review of the book:

Alice is not alone in her heartbreak. This book tells a story that will be replayed over and over as long as the economics of war drives our political process. Laura Harrington has captured the deepest feelings of a young girl, her sister and her mother as the father goes off to war. Anyone who reads Alice Bliss will gain a new respect for the family’s who live this every day.

We could not agree more with Ajpdna! We also are thrilled about the picture she posted of herself along with the review! Click the photo to follow the Illinois journey as Alice continues to travel!


Starting Off 2012 On The Right Foot!

The year has been off to a terrific start and the Where’s Alice Bliss? campaign is ready to take on 2012! Have you made any resolutions regarding reading this year? How do you plan on keeping them?

“Alice Bliss” is ready to travel more than she ever has this year – but we need YOUR help! If you’ve read the book, pass it on to share with others! That’s exactly what Krazy Book Lady has been up to these past few days! If you want to receive her copy of “Alice Bliss” simply visit her website by clicking the logo below and fill out the form!

Also, be sure to keep an eye out for her traveling copy on Book Crossing! You can follow the journey yourself by clicking the logo below!

Lastly – if you want to keep up on Krazy Book Lady herself, follow her on Twitter!

The Australian Journeys of “Alice Bliss”

Starting with Book Crosser wombles in Caboolture, Australia, a triangular journey has begun! Wombles passed her copy off to discoverylover in Wellington City, New Zealand, who then sent the copy to Skyring in Canberra, Australia. On December 10th, discoverlover wrote the following review:

I should really have journalled this a while ago, but I got distracted with figuring out what to write without spoilers, and so I didn’t. The short review is LOVED IT! Since reading it I’ve bought at least 2 (and maybe even 3) copies of it to give to people. I’ve lent this copy to my Mum who said she loved it too. She apparently needed a bucket to mop her hanky out in at the end, and I needed a toilet roll!

I’m probably going to give this to Sherlockfan at the meetup on Tuesday.

Can’t wait to read more by Laura! 

We are so happy that this reader was excited enough to buy even more copies to share! We’ll be checking the website to keep you updated on these future copies. Discoverylover plans to pass the novel on to fellow Book Crosser Sherlockfan on a meet-up on Tuesday. We’re excited to see what they have to say about “Alice Bliss”! To follow the journey yourself, please click here!

Below is a map generating the journey of this copy of “Alice Bliss” –  zoom out to follow the lines and see where the copy has traveled!:

Sarah Ballance’s Spotlight on “Alice Bliss”

We are thrilled to feature author and Book Crosser, Sarah Ballance, who wrote a  Wordpress blog review on “Alice Bliss” today!

“Oh, Alice Bliss. If only I’d known ahead of time . . . or maybe not. This isn’t a story one can prepare for, and it’s not one from which a person can turn away. ALICE BLISS is a slice of life—a timely American classic from the day the words first hit the page…”

To read the whole review, please click the logo below!

A Quick Bio:
Sarah and her husband of over fourteen years live on the mid-Atlantic coast with their six young children, all of whom are perfectly adorable when they’re asleep.  She often jokes that she writes to be around people who will listen to her, but her characters aren’t much better than her kids.  Fortunately, her husband is quite supportive, having generously offered to help her research “the good parts.”  She’s never had to ask twice.

To follow Sarah on Twitter,
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A “Wild Release” at the McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst Military Base!

Book Crosser icicletoez just reported that they wildly released their copy of “Alice Bliss” at the Joint Base – McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst in New Jersey! A U.S. Military branch! The release occurred on November 12th – so if you’re in the area, go check it out and try to snag the copy!

Want a hint as to where to find it? After Alice has a track practice, where is she most likely to go in the school afterwards? Also – be sure to follow the journey on BookCrossing by clicking here!

If you would like to read icicletoez review on “Alice Bliss” – please click the below logo to link to her blog! Thank you!

Wanna see exactly where the base is? Zoom out for more!

Good luck and happy hunting!


Alice at the New Zealand BookCrossing Unconvention!

Book Crosser Skyring from Canberra, Australia brought her copy of “Alice Bliss” to the New Zealand BookCrossing Unconvention. The book was released at the National Library of Australia in Canberra on November 26th! Keep track of the novel by clicking here!

Skyring’s review is below:

My copy of Alice Bliss – the British trade paperback edition – is here in Wellington for the New Zealand BookCrossing Unconvention.

Alice Bliss is a book that made me laugh, and cry, wince with embarrassment and shout for the joy of life. We were all teenagers once, along with everything that goes with those awkward years, and Alice has her own path through. She has the guidance of her father Matt at many times in the story, even when his National Guard unit is sent into combat and communications become sparse.

Closer to home, Alice has family and/or friends, a diverse group indeed, though I must say that Uncle Eddie is particularly cool. Is this love touching Alice, or just hormones? Long-time friends and new stars soar through Alice’s life, and there’s always something fresh – seeds to plant, people to see, lessons to learn and chores to be done.

The book didn’t go as I thought or feared. There are twists and surprises, but be prepared to feel the tension and the emotions of a teenage girl in difficult times. It’s a ride and a half.

Laura Harrington knows how to tell a story and how to make characters come alive. I read this book in a gallop, bouncing along on the back of the story to see what came along next. I enjoyed every moment.

The image that sticks with me, I guess, is Alice working in the garden, wearing an old shirt of her dad’s, grumbling over her relationships with mother, sister, boys and teachers, but still turning over the earth and planning for the harvest.

She’s a little bit nutty and obsessive sometimes, but that’s how she found a way into my heart.

For more information, visit another blog by clicking here!

Want to Learn More About “Alice Bliss”?

Check out these great websites to learn more about “Alice Bliss” and see what people have been saying!


For even more reviews, check out the “Read What People Are Saying” tab underneath “Check Us Out!”

Alice’s Journey from Missouri to Texas!

On Book Crossing, ReadingReviewer from Florrisant, Missouri was given a copy of “Alice Bliss” and wrote this beautiful review! Her wild release and story are below!

Ask yourself every day – what can I do to support the military and their family?

When Matt Bliss made good choices to support his country as well as his family he never imagined the impact it would have on any of them. Joining the Army National Guard provided extra income, which everyone saw as a plus until the reality of war came knocking and Matt was called up to serve because they desperately needed boots on the ground, even those filled by an Engineer.

His wife is unsure how to cope without him and his daughter’s especially seventh grader Alice cannot deal with their father being away. Alice and her father have always been close and having him not there to discuss the garden layout or work on a project is breaking her heart. He wants to share his life with her but Matt knows he has to keep in mind he may not be there to do that and Alice try as she might does not want to hear any of this.

Matt ships off and those left at home take on new roles and personalities especially Alice who quickly has to become an adult and take over running the house to help her mother out even though she is still just a child trying to figure out how to deal with middle school. Alice has great friends who stick with her and she maneuvers the landmine that is her new life but nothing will ever be the same regardless of the outcome.

What Matt wanted most was letters from home “something to carry with him close to his heart” and Matt wanted to leave letters to his family so he filled journals with letters and notes to his daughters so at every critical point in their life they have his wisdom to take with them.

This is not Matt or Alice’s story alone it is the real life of every soldier who leaves their family knowing they may never come back and everyone it impacts. It is truly the most difficult book I have ever read and it is a great story that we should all understand. I had a hard time reviewing it because it breaks my heart writing words that can never give you the complete emotion impact of how real this story is to some family right now. But you should read this book and you should remind yourself that if you are not doing something to support the men and women who are defending the rights we are so fond of, then maybe it is time you did.

ReadingReviewer then passed this book on to her friend, Karen_C, in Cleburne, Texas! She wrote a follow-up review that you can read by clicking here! A month ago, she sent it out to her friend in Hamilton, Ohio who just received it on October 29th! We’re eagerly awaiting your review, mrsjones!

South Carolina Travels and “Alice Bliss” in Hurricane Irene

Book Crossing bookczuk in Charleston, South Carolina wrote the below review! Scroll down further to see a picture of “Alice Bliss” during a dry moment of Hurricane Irene!

Alice Bliss broke my heart. The story is a simple one: Alice Bliss is the elder of two daughters in a close family. Her beloved father is sent to Iraq when his National Guard unit is called to active duty. What follows is the story of how the family he left behind learns to cope with his absence. Laura Harrington allows the reader to enter into the minds of Alice, her family and some friends. The love is palpable, though individual emotions are not always understood or recognized by those concerned. Having lived through horrific loss, I understand the importance of clinging to hope and clutching at ritual. Alice struggles with her father’s absence, trying so hard to hold on to what they did together, or to keeping him alive in her life. Part of me screamed that no one in her school, besides her friend Henry, seemed to know her father was serving in Iraq. That seemed so wrong, especially since it was oh, so likely that the outcome in this case might not be a happy reunion. But Alice Bliss is about positive outcomes, about digging deep and finding reserves in yourself and those you love.

I found the characters in this novel extremely well drawn. I wonder if that is due, in part, to the fact that the author did a stage production of which the book is an outshoot. When you play a character, your psyche absorbs so much. Ms Harrington was able to translate this into the novel. I also marveled at the beautiful letters Alice’s father wrote to his wife and daughters. I’ve recently been going through letters of my family, and wish that some of them had some of the eloquence and elegance of the letters penned by Matt.

The author has started a wonderful campaign to track where Alice Bliss travels around the world. The book I received was one of the inaugural books sent out on the where’s Alice Bliss initiative. I took my copy down to the Battery and White Point Gardens, here in Charleston and took pictures. It seemed a good setting, as The Battery was also a focal point in another war that tore at the hearts of families. There were some moments in the last bit of this book that were so evocative, so beautiful, that I had to pause to absorb them. But I don’t want to give spoilers, so I shall refrain for now. Though there are tough emotions in the novel, I ultimately feel it is one of hope. And, I feel it realistic, timely, informative, and well-crafted. Happy ending are not always what we imagine. They are what we make with the hand we are dealt.

The above image is a dry moment during Hurricane Irene! After bookczuk was done she handed Alice off to her friend, a fellow Book Crosser, in Somerville, South Carolina! We’ll see how far it goes!

“An Accomplished Novel” writes ‘The News From Gridleyville’

The “Alice Bliss” campaign is so excited to have such amazing bloggers and book reviewers taking on the challenge of sending Alice around the world! We’re particularly proud of a certain Sam Gridley, an accomplished author and the mind behind blog, “The News From Gridleyville”! Sam Gridley’s fiction and satire have appeared in more than thirty magazines and anthologies. He has received two fellowships from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, a Wallace Stegner Fellowship from Stanford University, and several honors from magazines. His novel THE SHAME OF WHAT WE ARE was published in 2010 by New Door Books. Below is a small snippet from his review!

Check out the “Alice Bliss” review in the “The News From Gridleyville”! Click the picture below to see more!

If you like seeing what other blogs have to say about “Alice Bliss” – click the “Check Us Out” tab and visit the “Read What People Are Saying” tab to visit a bunch of links of some really great blogs and articles! We also have a featured blog section to the right!

Sam’s wild release was at Mugshots in Philadelphia, PA! We hope someone in search of a latte will pick her up and take her home! We’ll keep you posted through Book Crossing!