Where in the World is “Alice Bliss”? Find a Copy Near YOU!

The map below represents all of the places that copies of “Alice Bliss” have been wildly released – meaning places where readers who have participated in the campaign have left their books! If you’re in an area near one of the question mark signs, click for more information and make the journey to find Alice today!


It’s Not Just Alice That Is Traveling!

Not only is Alice traveling around the country, but so is Laura Harrington! Below is an upcoming list of everywhere the author of Alice Bliss will be speaking in the next few months!

November 29th, 2011
Melrose Library Reading, Signing, and Q&A
Melrose, MA
More details here: Facebook

December 13th & 14th
Adopt a School Program
New York City, NY

February 3rd, 2012
Essex Country Club Luncheon
Reading, Signing, Q&A
Essex Junction, VT

February 16th-19th, 2012
Savannah Book Festival
Panel & Volunteer Work
Savannah, GA
More information on Feb. 1st!

April 2012
Newburyport Literary Festival
Newburyport, MA

April 2012
Pennsylvania Library Conference
Panels & Signing Events

November 2012
Annual Conference for Teachers of English
Las Vegas, NV

Keep your eye out for more great dates as the anticipated paperback release of “Alice Bliss” draws closer!

Want to Learn More About “Alice Bliss”?

Check out these great websites to learn more about “Alice Bliss” and see what people have been saying!


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Laura Harrington’s Touching Veterans Day Article

Please read the amazing article written by “Alice Bliss” author, Laura Harrington, from the Huffington Post. Click the logo below to access the full piece.

My father never talked about the war. Even when we went to a commemorative event in France where he had been stationed in 1944, just north of Paris. An event with all the pomp and circumstance of town bands, bunting, a mayor’s speech and champagne reception, military brass, and the American Embassy attache. Even when we stood on the abandoned A-71 airfield in the countryside, where his planes had taken off and landed. Even as we looked around, with the handful of other American Veterans, trying to figure out where the commissary had been and the tents they’d lived in through the coldest winter in a century, which made my father hate even the idea of camping forever after.

Traveling Thursdays!

This map represents everywhere that “Alice Bliss” has traveled so far! The different colored thumbtacks stand for the continents they are within. The lines you see are distinct journeys made from Book Crosser to Book Crosser – click them for more information! The individual thumbtacks can be clicked for the BookCrossing link so you can follow the journeys as copies are “wildly released” and found! 

Even Alice Can Brag A Little Bit!

We’re going to take this moment to congratulate the campaign on its success so far! “Alice Bliss” has done some amazing things for individuals around the globe, as well as swing some nice awards along the way! Here’s a few accomplishments we’d like to share with you!

– People Magazine gave “Alice Bliss” 4 out of 4 stars in the July 4th issue! 

– A Discover Great New Writers pick for Fall 2011 

 –A Listeners’ Top Book Pick for Books of Summer –
on NPR’s “On Point” with Tom Ashbrook. Click the logo!

 “The Best Reads of the Summer” from Entertainment Weekly! Click the logo!

– Alice has a consistent rating of FIVE STARS on Amazon! Click the logo! –

– There at 55 registered books currently making their way around the world! –

Check out all of our amazing reviews by clicking here on our “Read What People are Saying” tab! We’re so proud of what we’ve accomplished so far!

Alice’s Journey from Missouri to Texas!

On Book Crossing, ReadingReviewer from Florrisant, Missouri was given a copy of “Alice Bliss” and wrote this beautiful review! Her wild release and story are below!

Ask yourself every day – what can I do to support the military and their family?

When Matt Bliss made good choices to support his country as well as his family he never imagined the impact it would have on any of them. Joining the Army National Guard provided extra income, which everyone saw as a plus until the reality of war came knocking and Matt was called up to serve because they desperately needed boots on the ground, even those filled by an Engineer.

His wife is unsure how to cope without him and his daughter’s especially seventh grader Alice cannot deal with their father being away. Alice and her father have always been close and having him not there to discuss the garden layout or work on a project is breaking her heart. He wants to share his life with her but Matt knows he has to keep in mind he may not be there to do that and Alice try as she might does not want to hear any of this.

Matt ships off and those left at home take on new roles and personalities especially Alice who quickly has to become an adult and take over running the house to help her mother out even though she is still just a child trying to figure out how to deal with middle school. Alice has great friends who stick with her and she maneuvers the landmine that is her new life but nothing will ever be the same regardless of the outcome.

What Matt wanted most was letters from home “something to carry with him close to his heart” and Matt wanted to leave letters to his family so he filled journals with letters and notes to his daughters so at every critical point in their life they have his wisdom to take with them.

This is not Matt or Alice’s story alone it is the real life of every soldier who leaves their family knowing they may never come back and everyone it impacts. It is truly the most difficult book I have ever read and it is a great story that we should all understand. I had a hard time reviewing it because it breaks my heart writing words that can never give you the complete emotion impact of how real this story is to some family right now. But you should read this book and you should remind yourself that if you are not doing something to support the men and women who are defending the rights we are so fond of, then maybe it is time you did.

ReadingReviewer then passed this book on to her friend, Karen_C, in Cleburne, Texas! She wrote a follow-up review that you can read by clicking here! A month ago, she sent it out to her friend in Hamilton, Ohio who just received it on October 29th! We’re eagerly awaiting your review, mrsjones!

Proof that “Alice Bliss” Knows How to Travel!

We are so impressed by how far this little book went! This is proof that one, simple “wild release” can truly make an impact! Let’s get Alice around the world! Check out the below map to see where in Europe, Australia, and Asia Alice has traveled to so far – zoom in and check it out!

South Carolina Travels and “Alice Bliss” in Hurricane Irene

Book Crossing bookczuk in Charleston, South Carolina wrote the below review! Scroll down further to see a picture of “Alice Bliss” during a dry moment of Hurricane Irene!

Alice Bliss broke my heart. The story is a simple one: Alice Bliss is the elder of two daughters in a close family. Her beloved father is sent to Iraq when his National Guard unit is called to active duty. What follows is the story of how the family he left behind learns to cope with his absence. Laura Harrington allows the reader to enter into the minds of Alice, her family and some friends. The love is palpable, though individual emotions are not always understood or recognized by those concerned. Having lived through horrific loss, I understand the importance of clinging to hope and clutching at ritual. Alice struggles with her father’s absence, trying so hard to hold on to what they did together, or to keeping him alive in her life. Part of me screamed that no one in her school, besides her friend Henry, seemed to know her father was serving in Iraq. That seemed so wrong, especially since it was oh, so likely that the outcome in this case might not be a happy reunion. But Alice Bliss is about positive outcomes, about digging deep and finding reserves in yourself and those you love.

I found the characters in this novel extremely well drawn. I wonder if that is due, in part, to the fact that the author did a stage production of which the book is an outshoot. When you play a character, your psyche absorbs so much. Ms Harrington was able to translate this into the novel. I also marveled at the beautiful letters Alice’s father wrote to his wife and daughters. I’ve recently been going through letters of my family, and wish that some of them had some of the eloquence and elegance of the letters penned by Matt.

The author has started a wonderful campaign to track where Alice Bliss travels around the world. The book I received was one of the inaugural books sent out on the where’s Alice Bliss initiative. I took my copy down to the Battery and White Point Gardens, here in Charleston and took pictures. It seemed a good setting, as The Battery was also a focal point in another war that tore at the hearts of families. There were some moments in the last bit of this book that were so evocative, so beautiful, that I had to pause to absorb them. But I don’t want to give spoilers, so I shall refrain for now. Though there are tough emotions in the novel, I ultimately feel it is one of hope. And, I feel it realistic, timely, informative, and well-crafted. Happy ending are not always what we imagine. They are what we make with the hand we are dealt.

The above image is a dry moment during Hurricane Irene! After bookczuk was done she handed Alice off to her friend, a fellow Book Crosser, in Somerville, South Carolina! We’ll see how far it goes!

Alice Makes Her Way Around Germany!

Blogger, Taina Conrad, wildly released her copy of “Alice Bliss” a month and a half ago and it was just picked up! We’ll be sure to keep a close eye on this copy and see how far it will travel around Germany! Check out the map below to get an idea of where Alice is in Ulm, Baden-Württemberg Germany!

A Little More On Taina Conrad:
She is a 28 year old biologist currently working on her PhD on “Isolation Mechanisms in Mason Bees.” She has loved reading all of her life and remembers her parents sighing about how her and her brother were always reading too much. Taina and her brother would usually read so fast that the books they received on Christmas would only last one to two weeks! She also collects board games and has a collection of over 100!